Treatment For Bruising

Treatment For Bruising

Bruise MD gel is perfect for the treatment of bruising across the body. Shop today!

Bruise Treatment

Bruising and swelling can occur from surgical operations, knocks and bumps from playing sports and more recently following facial cosmetic procedures such as Injections and Dermal Fillers.

Anyone can bruise and what is important is to reduce the down time and treat the bruise quickly and effectively.
BruiseMD™ is designed to ameliorate or prevent the appearance of a bruise.

So how does it do it? To do this BruiseMD™ contains a mixture of three key ingredients:
1. Naturally derived Glycerol
2. Almond oil
3. Synthetic silicone oil

Choosing a product to treat your bruise is important and BruiseMD™ is a safe, effective and clinically proven product you can rely on.

Bruise Treatment Cream

These key ingredients are mixed with water and several other standard cosmetic components (a thickener, an anti-bacterial, and a pH modifier). The formulation passively interacts with the skin and/or subcutaneous tissue to influence the sequence of bruise events and speed up the recovery process.

BruiseMD™ can be applied at least twice daily and to any part of the body with the exception of mucous membranes.

BruiseMD™ contain a small quantity of menthol to provide a cooling effect, and ultimately a sensory distraction when used during or immediately after medical procedures or on injuries.